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Duffbag vs Moonbag

We initially developed Duffbag to suit our own needs – we like mountain biking and surfing and wanted a bag that we could dump all our wet, sandy kit in at the end of the day, throw it all in the back of our camper or car and head for home, tired but buzzing and sort out the wet, mucky kit when we got back.

We designed and manufactured some bags for our own use, friends liked them and asked us to make them some and duffbag was born.

Now we are selling them in the UK, Europe and Australia we wanted to look at what else was out there for stashing kit in at the end of a day on the beach – we kept coming up wit the Moonbag from Frostfire and thought – let’s do a comparison test, here is what we found.

Rather than do a bench or lab test we decided to take our two young budding surfers to our local surf spot for a bit of an early morning bodyboarding (bellyboarding) session and a spot of breakfast on the beach – a fairly typical outing for the four of us. We would need to take enough gear, wetsuits etc for a morning on the beach, pack it all up and take it home, plus of course the essential ingredient – some fun!

Our two budding surfers

The Moonbag from Frostfire is a simple design, it is a small bag that folds out to make a large changing mat, you stand in the centre of the mat, peel off your wet clothes and then gather up the cords to make a small bag to transport your gear back to base.

The Duffbag takes a slightly different approach  Рthe small changing mat folds out of the bag and kit is stashed inside the large bag.


Both bags use a nylon outer shell, with a coated lining, the duffbag is much thicker and heavier than the Moonbag, which adds some weight but feels more robust. Both bags fasten using cords and toggles. The Moonbag is available in a range of funky colours, the duffbag is only available in one colour – olive green, both have a white logo on the outside of the bag. Inside the Duffbag is a small pocket for wetsuit shoes or other bits and bobs, the Moonbag has no internal pockets. Both are able to be easily cleaned by turning inside out and rinsing off. The Duffbag is much larger than the Moonbag with nearly twice the capacity.

Changing mat

Each bag takes a different approach to a changing mat, the Moonbag converts into one big big changing mat, the Duffbag has a small fold out flap to place both feet on. Each is a compromise – the Moonbag gives a large space to stand on but then converts into a kind of bag. The Duffbag is a bag that has a large flap that kind of converts into a changing mat. In simple terms of stripping off and standing out of your wetsuit then the Moonbag is a good solution. The Duffbag requires a bit of balancing and moving from one foot to the other, but ultimately when you are finished you end up with a more bag like product.

Moonbag changing mat

Duffbag changing mat


Each bag is designed slightly differently – the Moonbag is designed to carry wetsuits and swimwear and little else, the duffbag is designed to carry most of the gear you will need for a day and be able to carry damp gear home with you. It is a little unfair to compare in capacity alone, but to help you choose the bag that suits your needs here is what we could carry in each

Moonbag capacity

Duffbag capacity

As a bag

Again, each is designed from a different perspective – the Moonbag as a changing mat that can be turned into a bag, the Duffbag as a bag that has a changing mat. This leads to compromises all round, the Duffbag has a much larger capacity, and has a shoulder pad for comfort and can be used for a variety of purposes. The Moonbag is much smaller and is really a one specific purpose bag.

Moonbag as a bag

Duffbag as a bag

What other people think

We asked a group of Lifeguards on duty what they thought of the two bags and how useful they would be. They liked both bags and thought that the Moonbag was nice and simple and could see how they would use it, but felt the Duffbag was better made and could be used for more than one purpose. As an out and out beach type bag they gave a slight edge to the Moonbag, with Duffbag being acknowledged as a better all round bag.

Lifeguards liked both bags

Pricing and Availability

The prices for each bag is quite similar with the Moonbag at £14.95 and the Duffbag at £19.95, which makes both bags very competitive in terms of price. The Moonbag is quite widely available both online and with retailers. Duffbag is available on-line direct from Duffbag or through selected specialist retailers.


Both bags have pros and cons, we have tried to be objective and weighed each aspect;


Pros; Large changing mat, cheap, simple

Cons; Does not make a great bag for carrying, quite flimsy


Pros; Big bag, hard wearing, versatile, multiple uses

Cons; Smaller changing mat

So there you have it, if you want a bag just to get changed on and are not bothered about carrying gear around then the Moonbag may be the bag for you. On the other hand if you want a bag that you can use for a variety of sports and pass times and carry larger amounts of gear with you the Duffbag maybe the answer.