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How to secure or lock a duffbag

I have been meaning to post this for sometime as it is a question that comes up from time to time: “Can you lock a duffbag?”

The answer is… Yes you can.

When I designed the duffbag I wanted to make it as simple as possible, no zips, Velcro or complicated clasps just a clean, simple design that does exactly what it is intended to do. I did think about a more elaborate device that could be locked but figured let’s keep it simple and if you do want to lock it you can just use a simple padlock, here is how you do it:

The padlock I have used is very much over the top but you get the idea, you can use something lighter that is designed for luggage, I just had this one lying around.

Simply start threading the padlock through the eyelets, alternating as you go. You should be able to thread all the eyelets onto the straight part of the padlock arm and then simply lock it as per the pictures below.

Thread the padlock through the first loop. It is easiest if you start with the eyelet opposite the strap.

Continue onto the 2nd loop

Continue on round the bag, the eyelets should all be lined up in a “straight” line

With the last eyelet on the padlock just snap it locked

There you have it, bag locked up just using a simple padlock. Not the most elegant solution but by far the most simple.



A quick post to remind myself that I actually do ride bikes

I wanted to make a quick blog post to remind myself that I actually do ride bikes rather than just obsess about bags…

Our little riding group had become a bit neglected with everyone seeming to be busy with other projects / on holiday / recovering from injury etc. We had a bit of a press gang text message session and rounded up nine people for a ride around the woods in what turned out to be splendid Autumn sunshine.

After half an hour gossiping we decided that we really ought to ride those bikes

The ground was pretty boggy with a lot of standing water, I was still on badly worn Racing Ralphs (summer slick tyres) so there were plenty of comic sideways moments and tank slappers for added excitement.

We managed to cover just over 20 miles all in around some of the best singletrack that our part of the world can offer, we even managed to observe the minute silence as it was Remembrance day (11th Nov) which was quite a poignant moment whilst deep in the words with just bird song and distant ceremonial canon fire as a soundtrack.

The only downer was suffering an unrepairable puncture (torn tube by the valve and naughty, naughty no spare tube) two miles from home so had to ride home on the rim which was damn hard work on the old legs.

Anyway we all resolved to be out again next week, more riding posts to follow

OK, it would not be a duffbag blog post without a bag picture – here is a hydration pack that started off pristine but is now a bit muddy