New Product, Space (survival) blanket

I carry a small survival blanket in my back pack, fortunately I have never needed to use it but is it a sensible addition to a mountain biker’s kit bag for emergencies. Although I have never had to use mine I have often been in some pretty high and remote places in bad weather and if things went wrong I knew I would be in trouble pretty quickly without the right gear.

We have sourced these really nice space blankets that fold down to a really compact size 125mm x80mm x20mm so they take up very little space inside your back pack. These are gold on one side and silver on the inside, gold to the outside in winter as it absorbs the heat, silver to the outside for the summer as it reflects the heat. Best of all these are a really large size 210cm x 160cm, (note the model in the picture is 6’3″)you do see them for sale elsewhere but they are generally smaller than this, the last thing you want is that having taken the sensible precaution of carrying one that it is too small to be of much use.

As we only sell online and deal direct we can keep our prices low at just £3.49 each


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