First Aid Kit New Product

Now we all know that a basic first aid kit should be in every mountain biker’s back pack and many do actually carry one but is not until you have a big off and are dripping blood and bits of you are pointing the wrong way that you make a mental note to go and buy one. My particular moment was in Brechfa South Wales a couple of years ago when a particularly clumsy line saw me lying at the bottom of a steep bank with three broken metatarsals and a nasty gash in my shin.

To make it easy for you we have sourced these really nice and compact first aid kits that contain the essential bits and bobs to patch you up and get you back to base safely, best of all is the super low price at just £6.95 with free carriage (usual price £9.95) Some of the brands inside are a bit obscure, but the quality is good and at the price you really can’t go wrong.

– Weighing in at just 93g package includes:
– 1 x Red bag (Size: 10x13x5.5 cm)
– 1 x Bandage
– 1 x Tweezers
– 1 x Scissors
– 1 x Medical adhesive tape
– 10 x Alcohol pads
– 1 x Tourniquet
– 9 x Adhesive bandages
– 10 x Pins
– 2 x Gauze swabs
– 1 x Triangular bandage
– 4 x Povidone-lodine prep pads


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