Racing down at Fowlmead near Deal, Kent

The main entrance to Fowlmead

Cyclists in our little part of East Kent will probably be familiar with the facilities at Fowlmead Country Park near Deal Kent. Fowlmead is a fabulous cycling facility (described by British Cycling as the best in the country) that has a two mile tarmac circuit as well as an off road course and a really fun pump track (much to the embarrassment of my children who for some reason don’t like seeing their middle aged father mixing it with the kids!) . There is a thriving race series for road cyclists and XC racers with regular events hosted throughout the year. The  road circuit is fast and smooth, it is used by families and leisure cyclists but there is a “red” lane for use for faster riders. Obviously when a race event is on the circuit is closed to the public.

The back of the circuit, can get a bit blowy out there if the wind is against you

Most weekends a group of us will spin down there on roadbikes, it is around a 45 mile round trip from my home through the Kentish lanes. There is a nice, friendly café in the visitors centre where you can grab a sandwich and a coffee and there are usually riders in there from most of the local clubs to chat to. Some of my riding group have been foolish enough to enter the XC winter race series, needless to say their trophy cabinet is still just as empty, maybe next year eh?

Human powered racing at Fowlmead

We have seen all kinds of events there, from XC races to time trials, even on one memorable event a human powered kind of recumbent kind of thing which seemed very popular with a group of riders from the Netherlands. If you are in our part of the world in the near future, why not drop in? The racing is optional!

The pump track – great fun but my kids find it embarrassing to see their middle aged father getting amongst the BMXers and 4cross bikes!



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