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Richborough Cooling Towers dissapear

I spend a lot of time riding in the Kent countryside in the lanes and down to the coast, there are some really nice routes and some great clubs to ride with. A constant on these rides are the distinctive cooling towers at the now defunct power station at Richborough near Sandwich, Kent.

These towers have been there for fifty years and are a great aid to navigation – wonder where you are? Scan the horizon for “the towers” and hey presto you can pinpoint your position and head for wherever you want to be. Pretty much every cyclist and club in this part of the world uses them in this way as you can see them from 10 miles plus away.

So what you say? Well after burning through around 300 million tonnes of Kent’s finest “Black Gold” they are finally being laid to rest and going to go out with a bang. A few of us went down to say farewell to our old friends…

The distinctive towers - a local landmark for 50 years

Is that a crack appearing?

Ahhh, my ears

There goes tower two

Tower two nearly down

The ground is shaking!!

That is a lot of dust

Nearly gone

And that is it, fifty years standing about 20 seconds to come down