Duffbag Kit bags – ideal for wet or dirty kit, mountain biking, surfing, winter sports

Duffbags – A really tough, useful bag with a water resistant liner for stashing wet muddy kit in.

The duffbag idea was born in a tent at the foot of a Welsh mountain in October 2009 – We were on a mountain bike trip to the Afan trail centre and were camping in late October. Needless to say it was wet and muddy, after three days of riding and juggling mucky kit in a small tent it was time to pack up and head for home. We looked like refugees from tent city with our collection of bin bags and festering carriers and throwing everything in the back of the car left everything wet, muddy and smelling of wet dog.

On returning home I figured out there had to be a better way of transporting wet, muddy kit and set about designing the duffbag kit bag, our first product. After many prototypes we found the right material that had a special coated PVC lining that gave us the strength and the water resistance that we wanted. We had a small batch made and started testing them…

New bags in black

We filled them up with water (they eventually leak at the seams but will take 50 litres of water)

We filled them up with really muddy, gopping clothes and then slung them on some cream leather BMW seats (and didn’t get told off)

We supplied Team Columbia mountain Bike Race team with 9 of them and asked them to try and break them (they couldn’t)

We added a changing mat and shoe pocket

We sold a few to our friends at mates rates and then it grew from there. Duffbag is now sold all over the country and is used by mountain bikers, surfers, kayakers, snowboarders, in fact any kind of sport that involves getting wet and or muddy and requires gear to be transported.


Built in changing mat, great for getting changed in draughty car parks

Water resistant liner keeps mud and moisture inside the bag

Here is another video we made that shows the bag in use, no mud here as it was summer time but it shows it in use as intended


What about cleaning?

Duffbags naturally get pretty dirty inside if they are used as intended – luckily they are easy to clean. We designed them so they are easy to turn inside out for cleaning, simply hose off any muck and leave to dry- they dry really quickly as the PVC liner beads and sheds moisture faster than a wet Labrador. See the video below to see how easy it is.

What else can you use it for?

We like to spend time at the beach and do a bit of body boarding with the kids, duffbag is great for all your beach gear and wetsuits, best of all it saves filling your car boot up with sand and soggy gear, see the video below for more details.

Then of course there are winter sports, some friends of ours took their bags over to the Alps on a skiing and snowboarding trip, they were great for stashing boots and wet gear and really helped keep their chalet clean.

Duffbag high up in the Alps


Thanks for reading and enjoy your duffbags


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    It looks like you are using the duff bag to transport your bike in the top photo.

    My application is for transporting my mountain bike inside my car, is it possible to do that with your product? If so do I only need to take the front and rear wheels off to do so?



    • Sorry for the late reply, for some reason WordPress treated your question as spam. Our bags are designed to transport a mountain bike in a car with just the rear wheel off, Monster bag is probably best. We have a distributor in Australia, Bicycling Australia, but they only stock our kitbags. We can ship direct using FedEx, no problem

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