Duffbag Surfbag – or any watersport that involves sand, water and wetsuits

Duffbag is a tough, hard wearing bag made from a hi-tech material that has a thick,

PVC lining with excellent water resistant properties.

  • Tough 600d hard wearing outer shell

  • PVC, water resistant liner

  • Built in changing mat

  • 50 litre capacity

  • Ideal for wetsuits

  • Keeps the inside of your car or camper clean


We developed duffbag for our own use, we enjoy surfing and body boarding as well as mountain biking and wanted a tough bag that we could throw all our wet, sandy gear in at the end of the day. We travel by camper van and after a few days sand everywhere is all you need.

We looked at other bags on the market, dry bags, parachute type bags and felt they did not do exactly what we wanted. We wanted a bag that would suit our favourite sports as well as being a useful bag for camping trips and other adventures.

We tried army kit bags but found that being made of canvas they leaked all over the boot of the car when you put a wetsuit in them. So like many ideas, we made our own solution. After many prototypes we eventually found this really cool material that is a thick nylon on one side and thick PVC coated on the other. We experimented with different colours and eventually decided on black as this seems to show the dirt the least, plus we think it looks nice!

Special PVC water resistant liner keeps moisture and sand at bay


We then added some features that make this “more than just a bag” –

Built in change mat

A built in changing mat was a must

We have got changed in enough car parks or on sandy beaches to know that getting your feet dry and clean is one of life’s essentials, we built in a mat large enough to stand on, both feet at a time and sort out your pinkies.

A built in shoe pocket

No having gone to the trouble of getting your feet nice and clean and dry, we wanted a shoe pocket just inside the bag so we did not have to rummage around for dry socks and shoes, so just inside the bag is a nice, big shoe pocket.

Easy fastening

Summer is no problem, but in winter with a bit of a breeze blowing you do not want to fiddle around with zips and poppers, our bag uses a simple drawstring and toggle, you can do it up easily with icy fingers

Easy cleaning

If you are going to throw wet, mucky stuff in the bag inevitably it will need cleaning. Our bags are designed to be really easy to clean. Just turn them inside out, give them a good shake to remove any dry material and then give them a good hose off. Hang up to dry and hey presto you are good to go again.

We made a few for ourselves and inevitably friends said they wanted one, so we made a small batch of 50 and they sold out pretty much straightaway.

We now manufacture these in bulk in the Far East and they have fancy labels and barcodes and everything, they look really great. We sell these direct and keep the price down to £9.95 . There is a full 60 day no quibble, money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with your bag, just send it back for a full refund (has not happened yet, but there is always a a first time for everything I guess)

That’s about it, duffbag is a really well made, quality, hard wearing bag, that just makes your life a bit easier – more time on the water, less time cleaning out your car.



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