Duffbag Stealth bag bike bag


Duffbag Stealth – Stealth by name Stealth by nature…

When we designed the Duffbag Stealth bag we wanted the smallest most unobtrusive bike bag we could, one that would not draw unwanted attention on the world’s transport system.

A bag that we could fit in a full size bike, but still get on a bus, taxi, train, underground or plane – not an easy task. Most importantly it had to comply with Eurostar restrictions on bike bag size (120cm x 90cm – our bag does comply and has been used successfully literally hundreds of times)

Inevitably, with a bag this small there was some dismantling involved – bars off, wheels off etc. but nothing that can’t be done in five mins with an Allen key.

We eventually settled on a design that involved placing the frame in the bag upside down, the angles of the bag hold the frame diagonally across the bag making for a small overall area. We added wheel pockets and tethers to keep everything in its place and a zip up pocket for pedals and skewers.

Internal pockets for pedals and skewers
Heavy duty, lockable zips

As with our other bags this is not a padded bag, we believe that our bags should be used on a regular basis, not just for the occasional flight away, you can pad them out for that with foam and bubble wrap. No, our bags are built for putting your bike in, protecting your car, getting to the city on the train, kind of beating the system if you like…

Where have we tested it?

  • London Underground

  • UK train network

  • Eurostar*

  • TGV (French train network)

  • Heathrow Terminal 5

* Eurostar have recently changed their bike bag regulations to carry bikes inside the passenger carriage to a bag 85cm x 85cm You can still take bikes in bags but they have to be checked into the baggage compartment if they are over this size


Read what they said on Bike Rumor magazine when they tested our Stealth bag on Eurostar and beyond

The real beauty? It packs down to a tiny size, meaning you can get to where you are going, put your bag in your rucksack and off you go



120cm across the top

76cm across the bottom

87cm from top to bottom

Construction – water resistant outer nylon 600d, special coated PVC liner, heavy duty, lockable, twin slider zips, internal wheel pockets, all seams and straps stitched for toughness and durability.

Water resistant outer coating
Water resistant PVC lining


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