Duffbag Bike Bags

Our bike bags are a little different to the rest…

When we designed our bike bags, we looked at what was available on the market and then we looked at our own needs as cyclists and felt that what we wanted was something a little different…

We wanted a bag that we could use most weekends to transport either road bikes or mountain bikes to and from races or rides, inside our car or van, to protect both the bike and the interior.

We wanted a bag that required the minimum of dismantling of the bike, so once we arrived we were ready to ride.

We also wanted a bag that we could take on aeroplanes or trains that would protect the bike in transit, but fold up to either fit in a pannier or take up little space where we were staying.

Finally we wanted a bag that we could put a bike in, take it on a train or underground to our London office, whizz around London to meetings and then return home on the train again with it

Seems we wanted the best of all worlds…

We ended up with three bags!!

Race bag

Takes a road, XC mountain bike or smallish hybrid, with bars on and rear wheel on, simply drop out the front wheel, turn the bars and put the bike in the bag. Place the front wheel in the internal wheel pocket and use the internal wheel tethers to secure, zip the bag and away you go.


Monster bag

Some of our mountain bikes are big… with suspension each end and oversize bars. We wanted a BIG bag. The Monster is the same as the Race bag above, except it is much bigger, takes full on hurly burly full suspension bikes – not suitable for triple crown bikes as you can’t turn the bars enough, but takes pretty much everything else.


The Stealth bag requires some dismantling – bars off, wheels off etc. But this is more than made up for with its compact size. Goes through airport security, London Underground and UK and European rail network – We know because we have tried it! The stealth has built in wheel pockets and tethers to keep everything secure, Stealth by name Stealth by nature.

Padding and Air travel

First off our bags are not padded – this is on purpose. if we want to travel by plane we protect the bike with strategically placed bubble wrap, foam and cardboard, that we way we protect the bike where WE think we need it. Secondly, when we get to our destination we just fold up the bag and pack it away – no bulky padded bag to worry about. We have even folded the bag into a pannier and cycled away from the arrival point.

Protecting your car or van

Our bags are made from a special material that has a waterproof coating on the outside and a PVC lining on the inside. This means that if your bike has got wet, muddy or is oily, once it is in the bag it will keep your car interior safe. OK it is not totally waterproof, if you fill it up with water it will leak, but it will keep the mud and moisture from an average bike at bay.

Cleaning our bags

If you are putting muddy bikes into our bags, inevitably the bags will want cleaning. Our bags are designed to be easy to clean – simply turn the bag inside out, give it a good shake to remove any loose dirt and then hose it out, add some detergent if the bag is really grubby, scrub, hose off and leave to dry – simple.


Our bags pack down really small, below you can see our largest bag folded down, our smallest bag, the Stealth, folds down even smaller.

Made in the UK

Our bags are made by hand here in the UK in our very small factory. We pride ourselves in the workmanship that goes into each bag, with quality materials and quality stitching. We hold a reasonable stock of bags at our warehouse, should we run low at peak demand we can usually run up another batch quickly which allows us to keep up with demand

Water resistant outer coating

Water resistant PVC lining

Heavy duty, lockable zipsInternal pockets for pedals and skewers

What our customers say

I use my duffbag race bag to transport my bike on the back seat of my Porsche 911
you can read the full story on the duffbag blog Joe Handley London

Received the bags on the 11th, just like to say how pleased I am with the quality of your product. Top job!! Steve B, Staffs

Read what they said on Bike Rumor magazine when they tested our Stealth bag on Eurostar and beyond


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