Early Spring, mountain bike, night ride

Had a fantastic ride last night, spring is beginning to get going here in our little corner of South East England, the trails are beginning to dry out and temperature is nudging the low teens, here are some pictures from last night’s ride

Here we are getting ready to roll, the woodland is a beautiful carpet of wood anemones at this time of year. They are the first woodland flower to come out in this part of the world, followed by primroses and spectacular bluebells.

The sun is beginning to dip towards the horizon and disappearing into the trees, which are still stark and bare from a very hard and snowy winter. There were seven of us out last night, probably the biggest group we have assembled so far this year, summer will see as many as twenty out at a time – fair weather bikers 😉

A puncture and a mechanical put us back an hour and plunged the woods into inky blackness leaving us to ride into our own tunnel of hi-tech lumens, with a soundtrack of owls and that weird noise that foxes make at night.

Home for a shower, curry and bed – perfect.

To add to the story, here are some pictures of a night ride two weeks on as the woodland starts to come alive;

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