Transporting a bike in a Porsche 911

When you think of vehicles to transport bikes around in you think, estate car, small van, hatchback, but Porsche 911 is not the first car on your list. But what if you have a 911 and want to take your bike to the trails? Bike racks are not made for later 911’s as the rear spoiler raises automatically with speed. Porsche used to do roof bars for the 911 but only up to the 996 version.  Tow bar mounted racks would void the Porsche warranty, so that just leaves the option of putting bikes on the back seat?

Back seat? Are you mad?

Joe Handley from London owns a beautiful black Porsche 911 convertible, with an equally beautiful black leather interior and wanted to find a way to transport his bike inside the back of his beloved supercar. Joe had exhausted all the options, even speaking to an engineer in California that makes custom racks, who advised against it. We spoke with Joe on the phone and between us we figured out that our race bag would fit in the back of a Porsche 911, provided both wheels were off. We added the proviso that under our 60day no quibble guarantee if it did not fit then Joe could simply send back the bag for a full refund.

Well we are delighted to say that our duffbag race bag DOES fit on the backseat of a Porsche 911 and here are the pictures to prove it, thanks very much to Joe for kindly sending in the pictures.

The problem: narrow and shallow rear seats clad in beautiful leather with raised channel on the floor, not a great environment for muddy bikes.

With the wheels off it fits width wise, you can drop the seat pin and it will fit into the bag but Joe has decided to leave his at ride height.

Roof closed and ready to go!

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5 Responses

  1. Yes it fits like a glove and will keep all the mud inside the bag until I get home to the garden hose! the only thing I would add is the bike is a medium typical double diamond style ibis. So larger frames might be a squeeze in the car, altho I think they’ll fit fine in the duffbag.

  2. It appears that the passenger seat (left side in Joe’s UK spec car) is much farther forward even tilted as opposed to the driver’s seat, I’m just wondering if that’s required or it’s just sitting that way?

    • I believe that the seat in Joe’s car is just sitting that way. I think he shot the picture like that so you could see more of the bag. We have sold quite a few to Porsche owners and it seems to all work OK.

  3. Any idea of extra problems in getting it in if you have a roof? I’ve got a 911 turbo (with hard roof because I am not a hairdresser 🙂 ) & looknig for way to transport mtb. Thanks!

    • Not sure about getting a bike in the back of a hardtop 911. It looks like the convertible is easier with the roof down I would imagine that getting a bike in with the back seats folded would be possible but pretty tight. We have had quite a few people purchase the racebag for a Porsche 911 but they have not specified whether it was for a convertible or hardtop.

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