Mountain Biking with Duffbag

Looking back over my recent posts it seems there is a heavy road riding bias, time to put that straight as we are mountain bikers at heart. My reason for moving over to the dark side this winter is that I am recovering from a broken foot – two metatarsals and some other bone with a long name and have not been able to ride a mountain bike until my foot is fully healed, so to cheer myself up and because I can, I have gone through some of my old mountain bike images to redress the balance.

The guys

Probably one of the most important things is who you ride with, we have ridden together for 7 years plus, this is some of us in Normandy, France.

And a whole lot more a year later…

This is on a trip to Afan Forest Park in South Wales, note the intense concentration and errr distinctive riding style.

This is more the mountain bike riding style we are used to riding high on the North Downs in Kent, the soil is very chalky with exposed roots, great when it is dry, precarious when wet

Of course we all like the aprés ride cool down after a long day on the trails, this was a log cabin we rented for the weekend in South Wales based between the Raven Trail Brechfa and Afan, in fact we could roll out the door an be on the trails in about 500 meters – perfect

All muddy and geared up, how it should be, this was taken in Suisse Normande, France, some great mountain biking to be had there on deserted VTT trails, all waymarked, friendly locals and only about 5 hrs drive from London.

A nice arty shot to finish on, taken during an early spring mountain bike ride in rural East Kent, makes all those long, wet muddy winter slogs worth while 😉

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