Mazda Bongo Camper Van – the Duffbus

Working on Duffbag means we attend around twenty events a year, bike races, surfing events and snowboarding etc. When we first started attending events we use to travel and camp in tents, which is alright, but if you are working when you get there, you need a little bit of comfort.

We started noticing these funny looking little vans with pop up roofs that looked pretty cool at many of the events. They said Mazda Bongo on the back – we decided to find out more.

Mazda Bongos are made in Japan and are regularly imported as personal imports to the UK, in fact we found that there is a thriving industry surrounding these versatile vehicles.

We eventually found ours from a really nice couple in Bicester and after a bit of haggling we had our very own Mazda Bongo complete with the very rare factory fitted kitchen, to be honest once it was ours we fell in love with it.

Great for carrying mountain bikes

The Mazda Bongo has a rare fitted, factory kitchen, that has a sink, gas hob and fridge built in as well as 240v hook up and leisure battery, great for cups of tea and bacon sandwiches at cold events

Sleeps four, two in the pop up top and two down below, although it helps if you are good friends as it is quite snug.

Full time 4 wheel drive means winter conditions can be tackled, putting the Alps and beyond within reach.

Our custom duffbus logo after a long winter trip

In summary Mazda Bongos make great race support vehicles for short weekend trips, they are great fun and kids just love them.

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