Duffbag customer on tour -skiing Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps

This is Gordon, one of our very first customers for duffbag, he likes the bags so much that he has come back and purchased three, plus two of our messenger bags! Here is Gordon on his latest expedition to Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps

Our bags are really useful for stashing wet ski kit, or boots, keeping your chalet or vehicle clean and dry, simply step out of your boots and use the changing mat to change into dry kit or stash your snowy wet aprés ski boots and stop treading snow and melt water into your appartment.

We sometimes get asked if you can use a duffbag for snowboarding gear, the answer is yes, but the snowboard itself won’t quite fit, we may make a larger bag to take a snowboard if the demand is there, the following picture demonstrates the problem.

Gordon also likes to use his duffbag for mountain biking trips and worried us a bit as he seemed to be scoping out a trip to Mega Avalanche, which could be good fun but is a pretty hairy mountain bike race down a glacier.

Plus some interesting VTT type routes that would be fun in summer

Duffbag, great bags used by cool people doing cool stuff

Thanks for sharing that with us Gordon, if you have any stories or pictures of your duffbag in use we would love to hear from you. If we feature your story on our blog we will send you a free messenger bag  just email us on enquiries@duffbag.com and we will do the rest.

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One Response

  1. Thanks for the show and tell from my hols Duff

    The VTT sign is at the start of the Mega and follows the same route for a nice summer ride!. it is a black run down from hear on the glacier and it is the highest place around Pic Blanc at 3300m
    Speaking to a few lads at the top, I mentioned that at 46 I might be a bit long in the tooth for the Mega, they told me their brother in law was back this year to do it at 42.
    I said does he do it each year then, they said no as he had a 2 year lay off as he broke his back and shattered his leg doing it 3 years ago.
    I thought Slipper and me were made skiing down it at 50+ MPH!
    The sign above the Duff bag containing the snowboard is the arrive point for the Tour de France stage at Alp d’Huez (Cippo is your man for this one)
    Next year I plan to rent the same house in Bourg d’Oisan at the foot of Alp d’Heus for a good riding session Road and or Mountain.
    It sleeps 6 (8 at a push) is fulled kitted out with everything you need and has an integral garage (the owner had a Giant road bike hanging in there).
    The village is a 5 minute walk with at least 3 bike shops selling proper bikes, and Casino supermarket is alsdo a 5 min walk.
    There are bars, cafes, restuartants, pizza joints and a kebab shop in the village as well.
    If you want details for the house get in touch with me via Duff.
    Well the road bike is going back in the garage for a bit to concentrate on skills for Afan in April and Mountain Mayhem for the 3 year on the bounce.
    If you hang around the Duff stand long enough at Mayhem you may see me nursing a Cuban or Cobra.
    Enjoy your riding and don’t forget your Duff bag

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